How to use a pencil to get drawing proportions correct

Proportions-with-a-pencilEver wondered why artists wave their pencils and thumbs about when they are drawing or painting? Its all about getting the proportions of the thing in front of you down correctly on the paper or canvas.

In this video I’ll try to explain how it works. Have a go yourself and see if your proportions improve!

How to write LOVE in a hippy psychedelic style

loveIt’s nearly Valentine’s day and love is in the air. To help you make a Valentines’s card or poster for a Valentine’s Evening, this video shows you how to write the word LOVE in a hippy dippy psychedelic kind of way


Draw a Monkey for Chinese New Year

Draw-a-cheeky-monkeyHere is a video I did a while back of how to draw a monkey. I thought it might be useful for anyone wanting to draw something for the Chinese New Year of the Monkey. Actually you get two monkey drawings in one video!

I don’t know why the video frame is blank – but it does work when you click it :)

78 ideas for Valentine’s Day Drawings!

heartsI have done a lot of drawing videos over the years and I have done a LOT of Valentines videos. The video above will show you at least 78 ideas with invade links to the relevant videos. just click the one you like and go. or you can have a look at my Valentine Drawing Playlists on DrawStuffRealEasy and ShooRaynerDrawing Channel – just click the links to view.

Get planning the card or Valentine treat for the the one you love now – before it’s too late!

Design your own amazing monogram

Any people tell me that their name is far too long and complicated for a decent signature. the answer is simple Use a monogram of your initials. As long as you answer to it in a court of law it can be your official signature.

Watch this video to get some ideas of how to put letters together to make a great monogram, then practice, practice, practice so that it becomes second nature to just dash off your new, amazing, personal monogram.