How to draw an Attacking Hawk

Many people have asked me to draw an eagle or a hawk. I apologise for not having done it before or giving you all a shoutout, but recently the Paraguay and Mr Magana’s Class – The Sequoia Middle School Hawks – asked me so here, finally is a hawk coming into the attack for you.

It’s not an anatomically or ornithologically correct nature study, it’s a fun illustration so you can draw your own hawk pictures or posters or designs – Have fun!

NewSpeak – English is no longer for the English

Big-DataFrightening things are going on in English primary schools.

Never mind the destructive stress-testing of both teachers and pupils, a new, sinister hand is upon the education tiller.
Our glorious language is under threat from the Department of Education who are devising new forms of grammar and determining that their new rules are right and anything else is wrong. Pass or fail.

Primary school children in England are being taught new rules of grammar.

Exclamation marks must only end sentences that begin with “what” or “how”.  Crazy!

Fronted Adverbials anyone? I’m affronted!

Just as English children get to grips with their language – finding out what fun it is to roll new words around the tongue – just as they gain confidence to describe and joke and pun, playing with the most elastic language in the world – they are now to be bound in a straightjacket of rules that make language a dull, tedious, academic subject that is either right or wrong – pass or fail.

We all know one reason why this is happening. Creativity and individuality cannot be easily graded. Playing is not proper learning. Grammar can be checked in tick-boxes – nice and neat for Google and Big Data

Why would politicians want to waste so much time and effort curtailing the language when there are other pressing and important things for them to deal with?

This is not the English we know and love – the language of Shakespeare, Milton, Churchill, Dahl and JK Rowling. This is censorship. This is New Speak – a top down imposition of how children are expected to think and express themselves. “Think our way or fail.”

English is the world language precisely because its rules are so elastic. English bends and sways, ingests and accepts new ideas but never breaks. However badly it is written, it always delivers.

Imposing rules of grammar is the thin end of thought control.

This ominous meddling needs nipping in the bud right now.

How to Draw the Apollo Command Module Spacecraft

I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid and drew space stuff all the time.

I’ve started a pinterest board for primary/elementary school space times and wanted to do this video for that board.

See the board here.

How to draw a Washing Machine

I’ve been working with Year 2 (mostly 7 year olds) writing a story about Laser Bunny and Snip-Snap Wolf – see the story here :
Last week we were drawing the washing machine in the story. The children’s drawing were so gorgeous, I thought I’d both share them with you and also show you how to draw a washing machine too.

Drawing Washing Machines with Year 2

washing machine drawing

I’ve been working with the Archbishop Rowan Williams Church in Wales School for a few weeks now, making books out of the stories we came up with its three different year groups. I’ll explain more about the project later.

Yesterday the Year 2 children worked really hard all afternoon and we finally finished our books – hooray!

One of the drawings in the story was of a washing machine. I was so impressed by the children’s drawings that I decided to do today’s drawing video based on the drawing we did yesterday.

Below is a gallery of some of their drawings. Click to enlarge. Below the gallery is a video of the story that we’ve been working on.

If you’d like me to work with children in your school,

Sweet Disaster! – A Ricky Rocket Story

A fast and funny story. Ricky Rocket is the only human boy on the planet of Hammerhead in the year 3,000.

Ricky has made shortbread astronauts from Granny Earth’s best recipe book. The new alien kids from next door gobble them up, but the cookies have a strange effect on their alien bodies? Why have they started floating?

You can buy signed copies of my book – Ricky Rocket Rocks the Planet! with 3 Ricky Rocket Stories with a free signed poster too!

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