Drawing the Ginger Ninja on a Silk Tie

II had the the best site amazing privilege of being invited to a Summer Garden Party at Buckingham Palace last week. I was invited in my professional role as a children’s author so I had to dress up a bit. I bought a neat new suit and thought I should have a neat new tie as well. What I really wanted was a tie with my favourite Character, The Ginger Ninja on it!

I got a couple of blank silk ties on eBay – one to experiment and make mistakes on and one for real. If I ever tried painting on silk before, it didn’t work.The colour would spread like mad. I tried all sorts of things and in the ned found that Copic markers did a great job.

The outline had to be drawn sparingly and http://bootroom.com/cialis-online-pharmacy-no-prescription then filled in with colour. The black outline had to be last or it would bleed into the colours and make them very messy.

Watch the video and see how I got on!


How to draw a Goldfish

goldfish-smallI was in a waiting room this morning. There was a tank with some huge goldfish swimming around in it.Luckily I had my sketchbook with me. I drew a couple of fish and then thought “Hmmm! Maybe I should do a How to draw a Goldfish Video”

Well, here it is :)