How to draw Santa Real Easy

This is a very easy way to draw Santa. I will be doing a more difficult one soon, based on the classic Coca-Cola Santa.

Draw a WW1 Nurse

Continuing the World War One theme, this video shows you how to draw a WW1 Nurse. I say in the Video that its a Red Cross Uniform, in fact it’s more of a VAD or Voluntary Aid Detachment Uniform. Have fun!

Fabulous WW1 Drawings in Stroud Library

I was showing how to draw WW1 things this morning. A Soldier, a Biplane and a hero messenger dog. The youngest of these artists was only three! In the first session I had quite young children. I’d planned how to do these drawings – particularly the Biplane, with older children. Seeing how the younger children approached the drawing made it easier for me to adapt and show the second group a different way. Watching how children draw and interpret instructions is fascinating. each time I think, “Ah! that’s interesting – maybe I could do it that way!” It’s a two way learning thing.

Drawing World War One Stuff

Tomorrow I’m visiting Stroud Library, where I will be showing children how to draw World War One Stuff – tanks – planes and soldiers. I’ve set up a playlist on YouTube for WW1 drawing videos as I know it is a subject that is being studied in schools a lot at the moment.

I don’t think the kinds of thing that children would want to draw for a WW1 project are particularly easy but, as with everything, if you break them down into smaller parts, they become a lot easier. Let me know, via the contact link above, if there are particular WW1 things you would like me to help with.

I hope you like the new music at the beginning by my friend Chris Wonfer of cleffernotes – take a look at his YouTube channel

Dragon White just published

Dragon-White-book-cover-v1eDragon White is now in print and available. Click here for an amazon link.

Dragon White is the second book in my Dragon series, the first being Dragon Gold, which was highly commended by the Tir na n-Og Award and has been top of the the best-seller lists in Wales this year!

When I sat down to write  Dragon Gold, I thought it was going to be a one off book but, once I’d got all my ideas and material together it grew into something bigger. My publishers were quite surprised, when it was first published, and I told them that it was a trilogy. I remember their eyebrows rising!

The stories evolve around a red and white dragon. The Red Dragon is the Red Dragon of Wales, which represents the Ancient British, who were pushed out by the Saxons – represented by the White Dragon. It’s all there in the story of King Lludd and the dragons in the Mabinogion, the ancient book of Welsh myths and history.

Is there a third book? There is in my head, but it hasn’t been commissioned yet. I’ll have to have a chat with my publishers, the wonderful Firefly Press.