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Drawing for kids and beginners

How to Draw a Super dad card for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day this weekend, here is something you can do to surprise your dad – make him a SuperDad card by following the easy instruction in this video. Then when you are finished, you can watch the Super dad story video here

Remember that you can take a picture of your drawing and send it to me for the gallery video to I will send a small gift of my how tom draw book and maybe some original artwork too for the drawing I like the best in each Gallery video.

Get it here in the USA and here in the UK

Of you would like a signed copy of the book, which comes together with the second story, Superdad, the Super Hero, then then here’s the link.

How to draw the Paisley pattern | step by step

This is a legacy video from my old shoobeedoodling channel. It got a quarter of a million views! Will it achieve such heights again on my shooraynerdrawing channel?

The paisley pattern is a very old pattern that comes originally from the middle and far east. It’s thought originally to have been based on the shape of a palm from or maybe the shape that cypress trees make when they bend over in a strong wind

Basically you need to draw the outline and a few inner lines that follow the outer contour. Then it’s up to you to either copy my design or fill up the space with your own patern designs. It’s such a forgiving design, you can hardly go wrong with it, if you are patient and take your time. Good luck!

How to draw an Ancient Greek Helmet

Learn how to draw An Ancient Greek Helmet Real Easy. This comes from my book, How to Draw Ancient Greek Stuff Real Easy which is due out on the 17th of May. You can pre order now on Amazon and all good book stores and get signed copies with a free poster from my online store.

Here is the step by step guide from the book for those who follow me on Patreon.