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One million views for one video!

I have just had my first million view video! I think most of the views have come from India and places where a signature has not been much of a thing, but now, as the internet has come along with western ideas, people are having to learn what a signature is and how to do one.

I’m asked at least once a day to design someone’s signature for them – how ever much I stress it in the video, no one can design your signature – it has to come from you!

Here is the video for you to enjoy!

The Killer Cat Flap – Scaredy Cats Story

Here is another story from my Scaredy Cats book.

Are you brave enough to watch and hear the story of a lizard who feasts on the flesh of Felines!? He may be terrifying, but even he is left speechless by the the KILLER CAT FLAP!

Buy signed copies direct from Shoo or via Amazon links.

Buy signed copies direct from Shoo or via Amazon links.

See me in Cardiff on Saturday

I’ll be in Cardiff at Cardiff Story this Saturday 1st April from 11-12pm at the Cardiff Children’s Literary Festival
Come along for dragon storytelling and drawing.

Get your tickets here.