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How to Draw Dr Martin Luther King Jr Real Easy

Goodness I had trouble with this one! doing a portrait is hared enough, but talking and explaining how to do it at the same time is harder. Making is easy to copy and produce harder still.

I was having real trouble working out proportions when I noticed something strange about his moustache. I then look through loads of photographs and came to the conclusion that Dr King’s face must have been noticeably asymmetrical. It was had to see as all his portraits are taken from his left side, masking the difference.

I couldn’t find one face-on portrait – I imagine that his public image was carefully managed – a publicity photo is different from a mugshot. But in making a drawing easy, a mugshot is best. Quarter turn is much harder and sometime a profile even harder still.

I’m not sure this is a great likeness, but the elements are correct and I hope they help to both draw Dr Kings for school projects and tech a little about drawing faces in general.

I counted up – I drew him 43 times in practice – none of my drawings look like him, but have an essence of him – all 43 are people you feel you could meet in the street though.

We get so used to one or two photographs of a person, that become icons. If you met the person, you might think they look quite different to the public image. I’ve certainly found that in my time.


Making a how to draw book

I’m currently working on a how to draw Ancient Greek Stuff book. I was really inspired to get on with it after a day spent with year 5/6 working on Ancient Greek themes. The children were so keen to draw ancient Greek stuff, but didn’t have much to show them how. So, I thought I should fill that gap. I’m currently about 2/3rds of the way through.

The artwork has proved to be more complicated that I thought would be.I suppose I’d be doing it the other way around if I were being commissioned, but as I’m going to publish the book myself, and have this book as the foundation of my new publishing empire (lol) I’m working in detail, page  by page to an overall plan.

In the meantime, I’m becoming a whizz at inDesign, the page layout program. I’m hoping to launch the book as a Kickstarter project, probably in February.

How to Draw a Christmas Angel Real Easy

Learn to draw a Christmas Angel real easy. If you would like to draw more Christmas things, have look at all my seasonal videos on this playlist where there are lots more videos!
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