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Sketching in the Queen’s Back Yard

I spent a couple of days in Windsor, this week, telling stories at Cumberland Lodge, which is in the Great Park, which is basically the Queen’s back yard. Harry and Meghan drove their carriage through the park after the recent royal wedding.

Cumberland Lodge is also the fictitious home of Roald Dahl’s BFG – Big Friend Giant – he taught here in the 1970s and thought it would be a great setting for the BFG house – especially as he lived in a house called Cumberland Lodge in Cardiff, when he was young,

I was with the author Bali Rai  and we took turns telling stories and explaining how reading builds empathy. While Bali told stories, I drew pictures of his – and my – audience. You can see the drawings towards the end of the video.

Irish Wedding Weekend Sketchbook

I went to my wife’s god-daughter’s wedding in Ireland a couple of  weekends ago. I took my sketchbook along. Have a look at the results. The sketchbook starts around 57 seconds in.

If you want to get into sketching, make sure you are subscribed to the shooraynerdrawing channel on YouTube for more inspiration and tips.

Architect Frank Harmon – telling stories with sketches

I came across this video on The News and Observer and just loved the simplicity of Architect, Frank Harmon’s sketches. They looks so easy, but they come from a lifetime of practice, observation and knowledge of building construction, place and people.

Frank tells stories with his sketches on his blog – Native Places – using the sketch as the draft of a story or observation. I love that he uses only 200 words. That’s a skill to learn!

Take a look and be impressed with clear thought and simplicity of line and watercolour wash.

As I post this Hurricane Florence is headed towards North Carolina. I hope Frank is tucked-up safe somewhere warm and dry.