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In search of Merlin’s Treasure

The final part of my Dragon trilogy , Dragon Red, came out on Wednesday – 1st March 2017 – St David’s Day.

The day before I went to make a video about Dinas Emrys, which is a hill in north wales near Beddgellert which is renowned as Merlin’s Castle and where the Red Dragon of Wales is reputed to be imprisoned and where Merlin’s Gold is waiting to be claimed by a fatherless child!

Dinas Emrys is where the trilogy begins and ends. When I was planning and writing there books, I gained such a visual impression from my researches, that I decided not to visit until I’d finished the series. This week was my first chance… but it was pouring with rain.

I’ll be going there again. on the Eve of May Day to film again. more successful this time I hope. Look out for the next dinars embryos video soon!

You can get the books at Amazon here in the UK

Or you can get signed copies – with a free poster from me here

Learn marabout Dinas Emrys at wikipedia

And here is some tourist information.

Ang here is the Google satellite view

Ludlow in Shropshire – A medieval town

ludlow-stocksLast week we visited the ancient town of Ludlow in Shropshire in England. It’s full of medieval half-timbered houses complemented by fine Georgian and Victorian architecture. It must have been a rich market town in its day. It still must be doing well, judging by the kind of shopping to be had there.

Ring the bell at the Castle Lodge, pay your three ponds and you will be treated to the most eccentric visit to an historic building ever!

For some reason the county name of Shropshire is shortened to Salops!

We were on our way to visit Stokesay Castle , which will be the subject of the next video.

Deer in the Forest

I went for a lovely walk in the Forest with my daughter today. We had just finished filling our containers with about 3 lbs of blackberries when my daughter spotted, with her keen hunter’s ear, three Stags, really quite close by. The biggest stood it’s ground and watched us as I slowly got my phone out, switched it on, found the camera app, turned that on and waited for it to warm up and then zoomed in and finally took this picture. Then it decided it had had enough and ran off with the others. It was very dark compared to the one of the others, which was a normal fawn/red deer colour. Very exciting to be so close.