Everyone can draw – an introduction to drawing

Welcome to my online drawing course, Everyone Can Draw. Drawing is a skill that you can learn, just the same way you learned to draw letters and then learned to write words, when you were young. You may not be a great novelist or poet, but you can write.

Once you have the basic knowledge of drawing, you can build on the foundation. If you want to be an artist, the ability to draw will give you the freedom to be creative. If you don’t aspire to be a great artist, that’s fine – it is allowed! Drawing is a great hobby – it is cheap, relaxing and rewarding.

Being able to draw will help you understand this increasingly visual world, and you will have developed an amazing skill that will help you visualise and clearly communicate your ideas.

The ability to draw is prized in many walks of life. You will also amaze your friends and gain their admiration for something they think is magical, but you will know that it just took a bit of work and practice. Watch this introductory videos to get started, then watch all the videos listed below in order.

  1. Everyone Can Draw – Introduction part 1
  2. Everyone Can Draw – Introduction part 2
  3. Everything you ever wanted to know about pencils
  4. Drawing 3D
  5. Simple Shapes – Triangles into prisms – Part 1
  6. Simple Shapes – Prisms – Part 2
  7. Simple Shapes – Prisms – Part 3
  8. Drawing Boxes – Part 1
  9. Making and Drawing Cubes and Boxes – Part 2
  10. Drawing Box Shaped things – Boxes Part 3
  11. Drawing Circles
  12. Drawing Cylinders
  13. Drawing Tubes
  14. Drawing Cones & Pyramids
  15. Drawing Ellipses
  16. Drawing Spheres – Part 1
  17. Drawing Spheres – Part 2
  18. Drawing Rotated Objects
  19. How to draw a Rotated Object like a Vase
  20. Creating more complex drawings – A Lamp Stand