How to draw a daffodil for St David’s Day

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Learn how to draw a Daffodil for St David’s Day – When is that? It’s on the 1st March!

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!

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One thought on “How to draw a daffodil for St David’s Day

  1. Georgina Jones

    I left Swansea, Wales in 1964 with husband and two children to live in Sarnia,Ontario, Canada. I’ve dabbled in painting and stained glass for years and now at 90 years old I really want to draw and paint my favourite flower…the daffodil. Loved your lesson and now have to practice different angles.
    Sadly my husband passed away six years ago and my son passed away in February.
    Loved your daffodil lesson….going to practice now :o)
    God Bless,

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