How to Draw Cartoon People

How to Draw Cartoon People – a complete drawing course

A course in how to draw cartoon people, starting right at the beginning with stick people and building up to more realistic two dimensional drawings of people. Includes proportions, style, expression, Male, female, child, different ways of drawing faces, hands, feet and more.
Part 1.  Drawing with Stick People. Let’s start off nice and easy!
Part 2.  More expression with Stick people.
Part 3.  Turning Stickmen into Mannequins.
Part 4.  Body Proportions
Part 5.  Real or Comic Proportions
Part 6.  Putting on Clothes
Part 7.  Collars and lapels
Part 8.  Introduction to Faces
Part 9.  Drawing Eyes #1
Part 10. Drawing eyes #2
Extra     How to draw 72 Eyes – a previous YouTube video you may have missed
Extra    Drawing Faces of Fear!
Extra     Drawing Facial Expressions
Part 11. More complex Cartoon Eyes
Extra      Drawing Older Eyes
Part 12 . How to draw Cartoon Noses
Extra   – How to draw 51 noses from a previous YouTube video you may have missed
Extra   – How to draw knees
Part 13  –  How to draw cartoon mouths
Part 14 –  How to draw Cartoon Lips in Ink
Extra – How to draw Lips in Pencil

Clothing Extra  How to draw a cowboy hat

People Extra How to Draw & Paint a WW1 British Infantry Soldier
                        How to draw a Teenage Rock and Roll Girl