How to draw in a Gangnam Style!

That Gangnam style is a very catchy tune! I thought you might like to see how I would draw Psy in one of his crazy suits doing the Horse riding pose. I had a challenge from @juanPabloo5 to draw a skeleton doing the? gangnam style dance – what do you think? give a like if you think that wouldbe fun as I’ve been meaning to draw a skeleton for ages :)

2 thoughts on “How to draw in a Gangnam Style!

  1. Anonymous

    I love your drawings they are soooooo good! My drawing are rubbish though! Can you help? Holly x

  2. Shoo Post author

    Just keep p-racticing – you’ll get better – Oh and don’t ever say your drawings are rubbish – when you say it, that’s what you get! good luck

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