Spring, and the Sap is http://alliedexpress.com.au/rx-generic-levitra Rising! Walking with my camera

I went for a walk in the Forest this week, and the sap is definitely rising. Although a cold wind is blowing from the north, Spring is here at last.

You can see it best in the ferns that are bursting out of the ground everywhere you look. I love the way they uncurl and open out as if they are all packed away underground, and are just being blown up inside, like curly, party blow-outs tooters.

There used to be a quaint tradition here, where young lovers would go into the Forest for a bit of http://gb2gm.org/best-price-for-levitra privacy. It was known as a Fern Ticket. I remember the local paper printing Fern Tickets for you to cut out and give to someone you admire to let them know you wouldn’t mind a private walk in the Forest with them. If That doesn’t get the sap rising, I don’t know what does!

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