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How to draw a Bowl of Fruit and Yoghurt Real Easy

Learn how to draw a bowl of fruit and yoghurt real easy with step by step instructions. Join me on Patreon and you will be able to see the step by step guide below.


How to draw bacon Real Easy

Learn how to draw bacon real easy with step by step instructions. Below is a step by step visual guide for for those who have joined me on Patreon.


Paddington and marmalade

Last time Paddington Bear appeared on an advert it was for Marmite. What was that all about? everyone knows that Paddington likes marmalade sandwiches. The advert wasn’t even ironic – it wasn’t even post-ironic!

Paddington is now to promote Robertson’s Golden Shred Marmalade. Hooray! This is as it should be. I felt it was almost sacrilegious making him eat Marmite, when there was lovely marmalade out there to be eaten.

Personally I like home made marmalade. My lovely wife and I share the job each year. I love chopping and she hates it. One year she put all the peel in the food processor and whizzed it to little bits. That was a sad year. Every year since, we have about three sessions at marmalade making in which I slightly obsessively, cut the rind nice and thin in longs slivery slices. Mmmm! delicious. There is nothing quite like it.

My Mum wouldn’t let me come away without a little jar of her own home-made seville.

I still have a golly badge somewhere and I think we have a golly teaspoon and a toast rack somewhere too. Politically incorrect but very collectible. I believe you will be able to collect Paddington badges. Great idea. I think most Gloden Shred marmalade used to be eaten so the eatrs could collect the gollys.