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The Lair of the Dragon!

In my Dragon Trilogy of books, the ancient fortress of Dinas Emrys is a major location, if not a character itself. I did a lot of research online when I wrote the books and decided not to go and visit the place in person. I worried that I might get too obsessed with fitting the story into the reality of the place rather than the magic and fantasy of my imagination.

I tried to go there a few weeks ago (see this video) but it was pouring with rain. So I returned last weekend, on the the Eve of may Day, the day that myth tells us the Red and White Dragons would fight each other across the skies of Ancient Britain. Eventually they were captured and incarcerated beneath Dynas Emrys.

The white dragon represents the invading Saxons and the red dragon eventually became the the symbol of Wales, the land that the Ancient Britons retained after the Saxon invasion.

In this video, I take you up to the top of Dinas Emrys, near Beddgellert in Snowdonia, not far from Mt Snowdon itself, where I read the story of the capture and incarceration of the Red and White dragon, as told in the book, by Mr Davis, teacher of Harri, hero of the stories.

You can get the books at Amazon here in the UK  Or you can get signed copies – with a free poster from me here 

See this druidic video!    Learn more at wikipedia.   And here is some tourist information too The

Here’s the map:

The Dragon Gold Trilogy

Dragon Red, the final part of the Dragon Gold Trilogy is at the printers and is due out on the 1st March – not long to go!

Firefly Press have made this great poster for it for the Year of Legends 2017 – a wonderful Promotion that is underway in Wales this year.

If you have read the first two books, then you will know that Ryan’s dad was on the prowl at the end of Dragon White.

What new damage can he do and how is it all linked to Harri and Tân’s destiny?

Will the two dragons, Tân & Draca face each other again or will the North Wales Police Force put an end to things first?

It’s so exciting… and I know what happens!

Dragon White just published

Dragon-White-book-cover-v1eDragon White is now in print and available. Click here for an amazon link.

Dragon White is the second book in my Dragon series, the first being Dragon Gold, which was highly commended by the Tir na n-Og Award and has been top of the the best-seller lists in Wales this year!

When I sat down to write  Dragon Gold, I thought it was going to be a one off book but, once I’d got all my ideas and material together it grew into something bigger. My publishers were quite surprised, when it was first published, and I told them that it was a trilogy. I remember their eyebrows rising!

The stories evolve around a red and white dragon. The Red Dragon is the Red Dragon of Wales, which represents the Ancient British, who were pushed out by the Saxons – represented by the White Dragon. It’s all there in the story of King Lludd and the dragons in the Mabinogion, the ancient book of Welsh myths and history.

Is there a third book? There is in my head, but it hasn’t been commissioned yet. I’ll have to have a chat with my publishers, the wonderful Firefly Press.