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Pandora – My special Limited Edition Picture Book – Are you curious?

Pandora is a special limited edition picture book that I am creating on the Kickstarter.com crowdfunding platform.

By pledging to support Pandora on Kickstarter.com, you will be helping me to create this picture book, that I have been wanting to make for a long time. In return you can be involved with the whole creative process and receive a signed, numbered, limited (only 250 copies) edition, sealed curiosity package – including book with protective warnings, inspirational poster and a sealed message of hope from Pandora!

Why haven’t I made this book before!

I’ve been telling this story in schools for years, honing the words and the pace of the story. Children love it – it’s a little bit scary! They always ask me where they can get the book, but the thought of going through a three year process with a traditional publisher has always put me off. In the meantime I have discovered the joy of making books myself and the fun and excitement of Crowd Funding

What am I asking you to do?

Have a look at the video to get an idea about this project, then got to The Pandora KickStarter Page. Have a look at all the reward levels and choose how you would like to pledge. You won’t be charged immediately, but in the week after the campaign is finished. If, even after the campaign ends, you want to change your mind, you can. However, your pledge helps me reach the funding the goal. The goal is all or nothing, so you can see how your support is vital.

If you’ve been following my videos over the years and feel you’ve had value from them, then this is a great way to support what I do and get something very special and exclusive in return.

Is this the scariest picture book ever?

Possibly – let your curiosity lead you and find out!

Go to the Pandora Kickstarter Page, choose a reward and make a pledge!

Don’t hesitate to ask me questions.

The Special Edition sealed package. Book with warning bands in sealed envelope with warning stickers and edition number. A “handwritten” message of hope from “Pandora”! and a beautiful inspirational poster to remind you of the lessons learned by being too curious.



Superdad – A story for Father’s Day

A perfect share for Father’s Day! My Dad is very busy – too busy to play with me or help me make my new Super Hero toy. Will he ever take time off to play?

Find out in this enchanting story, read by the author Shoo Rayner with all the illustrations from the book. Great for dads and their lads to read together. A perfect share for Father’s Day

Get your signed copy here or from Amazon below

Share your drawings

warmington-school-shoo-raynerWarmington School came to my session at the Oundle KidLit Festival on Monday. The children presented me with a book of their drawings, inspired by my videos. I was thrilled!

I’m always thrilled to see what people do with my drawing videos. I get messages from all around the world to say they are used in classrooms classrooms from elementary schools to Universities! It’s very gratifying to know.

Many people ask how they can share their drawings. There are so many ways these days. Often I’m sent of to websites and have to hunt artwork down. Frankly, I don’t have the time. So I’ve set up a G+ community where you can share your drawings, and where I will see them.

I chose G+ because it is intimately linked to youtube and that is where the videos are.

I’ll look forward to seeing your drawings, inspired by my videos, and hearing your stories too.

Above is a video which explains a bit more.