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How to draw a Magic Toadstool Real Easy

The last of my Autumn/Fall themed drawings that I have been doing this week. Yes, I know the Fly Agaric is a mushroom and not a toadstool, but in fairytale mythology, this is the image shown when a toadstool is mentioned!

Hope you have enjoyed all the Autumn videos. Just follow this easy step by step video to learn how to draw this Fly Agaric type mushroom.

If you would like to see them all then click here for the Autumn Drawing Playlist.


Fly Agaric Mushrooms – Fairy Tale Ingredients

On a walk in the Forest, this afternoon, I came across quite a little glade of Fly Agaric mushrooms. They never fail to excite me. It must be years of fairy story inculcation. They would always appear in the corner of Arthur Rackham illustrations, like warning signs.

Danger – Strange things may happen over the page!

They are, apparently, hallucinogenic and may well be the influence behind Santa’s costume. Either way, they give me great pleasure when I come across them. They seem too opulent for our climate, too exotic. Surely they should be found in steamy jungles on paradise islands?

Click for a bigger picture