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A week on the road away from my desk

I’m home for the night on what will be a week long tour of schools and Libraries – It’s pretty exhausting! I’ve been to St Athans, Barry Island and Llantwit Major in Both Wales, then on to Bournemouth for the second time this month then off to Coventry and then a school close to home. Meanwhile the snow is back so I’m not sure if I’ll make it to Coventry at all.

Here a few musings made along the way.

Frozen Pond Killed my Frogs

The end of this video is not for the squeamish.

When I built my Studio at the bottom of the garden I built a pond too, so I’d have some wildlife goings on to watch while I was daydreaming out of the window.

Just two weeks ago, the frogs were thinking of laying frogspawn, but then it turned cold and they didn’t. Since then we have have had extreme cold temperatures and the pond froze. I think it must have frozen solid because all the fogs have been frozen to death. This has never happened before as we’ve not had such cold conditions before. The arctic wind was named “the Beast from the East. I’ve seen video of seashore creatures being frozen but never expected this as my frogs have always survived at the bottom of the pond before.

So far I’ve collected and buried 47 frogs. You are warned that the end of the video shows the pond with frogs floating in it. Not for the squeamish

I’ve had a lot of comments on this vlog. I had one suggestion that you can get a pond heater that keeps a hole open, but I feel the problem here was that all the water was frozen so there was nowhere for the frogs tp hide ponce they were trapped under the water.

Why I’ve not made a video for a little while


I’ve been so busy the last few weeks. I’ve been promoting my new book Dragon Red – http://amzn.to/2m3YJc4 – up and down the country in schools and libraries. That is an exhausting thing to do! While I’m away from home I’m not making videos. I think I will do blogs, but I’m so tired at the end of the day and there are such restrictions about videoing in schools that I don’t bother trying anymore.

Now I’;m back at home, I’m lucky to have a lot of work on. I’ll be sharing some of the techniques I use in my current work with you soon.

Meantime, you keep drawing and I’ll be back with a new drawing video very soon. It’s Mother’s day here in the UK next week, so I’d better draw some flowers for my Mum and make a video of it too – what kind would you like me to draw – spring flowers are best.