Time to give up my facebook page?

In that way that Facebook doles out stuff, my eye was caught by this link. I followed it and read it and agreed.

I’m so fed up with Facebook telling me – of every post or Instagram upload – that my post is doing 90% better than my average post and others who boost similar posts are doing even better. Why would I pay $10 to boost a photo of a robin eating at my bird table. Do they think I’m that desperate? Are others really that desperate?

This article has made me realise just how bad Facebook is. It earns squillions from the sweat of creative people and gives nothing back, hiding behind its algorithms and maintaining the lie that it is a platform and not a publisher.

If Facebook is a platform, then allow me access to my audience. If I make original content that drives eyeballs to your advertising then let me have a share of the proceeds.

I have hardly created any content for Facebook, because I never really felt a good reason to, other than I felt I the siren cry of, ‘You Gotta be on Facebook or die.’  Well, I think it’s time creatives woke up and smelled the coffee.  Creatives should drop Facebook like the nasty piece of fake news dirt that it has become.

Remember how to search and find exciting new stuff? Remember what it was like to tell your friends about it at the water Cooler? Don’t just sit and scroll through your feed and accept whatever crap someone else’s algorithm decides you should read today.

go out and look for something, don’t let Facebook feed you low calorie, claikbait trash. It won’t be good for you in the long run!

3 thoughts on “Time to give up my facebook page?

  1. Ineke

    I do not mind when you do not post on Facebook anymore. I Will find Your great things on YouTube Or via Your very own site. I am honoustly getting fed up about fb too. But due to a course I follow iT is for Now the only way to connect to my fellow students. So do What you feel you must. Your heart is never wrong! ???

  2. Kate

    I’m not on Facebook and never intend to be, for many of the reasons you outline above, and others. I applaud your stand.

  3. Shoo Rayner Post author

    Of course I never did quit Facebook at the time – I tried, but got seduced back again. I Think I’m ready to try again.

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