I have left Facebook, Instagram and Messenger

I have managed to avoid WhatsApp, though I am kept informed of family stuff through my wife’s account – which is sort of cheating, I suppose, but I’m not going to force my views on her.

And what are my views?

I think Facebook, and its other social media apps, present an existential threat to humanity. When I say it or write it like that, I guess I sound like a crazy guy shouting on the street corner. So be it.

I was very early on the internet and all the predictions I made, that people said I was crazy for – YouTube, e-commerce, podcasting and much more – have all come about and all those nay-sayers are happily using the internet like it was always there.

I feel like I’m ahead of the curve again.

It’s not just that Facebook can sway elections and stir up genocidal conflict, it is the stated intent to develop a metaverse that alarms me. That sounds like a fascist state to me, and probably the early stages of the corporate wars to come – countries can easily become irrelevant.

When you watch Star Wars and wonder where the Emperor Palpatine came from and how a Galactic Empire ever came about – the seeds are being sown today at Facebook.

When, one day, Facebook swallows one of the space cowboys – amazon/Blue Origin or Space-Ex/Tesla, that will be the beginning of a Galactic Empire. Google or Apple will do the same and we’ll be facing a major catastrophe.

That is, if Facebook doesn’t control the internet first and then finds itself vulnerable to attack – a monoculture like Facebook would be very vulnerable. as we saw a few weeks ago when it went down. To many around the world, Facebook already IS the internet.

So, I have left Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

They have done very little for me in the past and I never really look at Facebook, just post automatically.

It’s not easy to leave. They guilt trip you all the way, through many stages. And then, when you have finally committed, they park your account for a month – just in case you change your mind. That’s so easy to do – I know I tried to leave before.

So I haven’t really left yet – my accounts are sat in limbo, while I sit and think about what a naughty boy I am and maybe have a change of mind.

Not this time!

I’ll let you know when it really happens.

Added later: I can’t believe that Facebook should be so crass as to change the main company name to META today. It says it all to me.