Archimedes – What a guy!

The more I learn about Archimedes, the more I think what an incredible person he must have been. I’m working on new titles to add to my Mega Minds series, about amazing thinkers and inventors of Science, Technology and Maths STEM. It’s very hard to judge across the centuries who is the most amazing Mega-mind. Newton said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,” by which he meant that his predecessors had already worked out the principles upon which he could build new ideas. In time, Einstein would stand on Newton’s shoulders and so on. Archimedes had few shoulders to stand on, so he truly was an original thinker and his ideas and, more than that,  inventions were amazingly wide-ranging. I’m planning to add to my Mega-Minds series with other great STEM innovators. I remember spending a day in the science lab at a girl’s school. The walls were covered with posters of great scientists – all of them men. I was surprised. How were the girls’ to be inspired and feel that science was for them too, if there was not even a Marie Curie poster on the wall? I have a host of Mega-minds I’d like to write about and a good number of them are women, you’ll be pleased to hear but, for me, Archimedes has to be THE MAN!

Dragon Gold Trilogy - signed with free poster!

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Harri would love to know what it feels like to win, just once. Ryan always wins everything. Until someone walks into his mum's shop. Someone almost invisible.

What What would you do if your school held a competition to make a dragon and you had one?

A real, fire-breathing very unpredictable dragon? But you can't tell anyone...

Follow the exploits of Harri and his pet dragon, Tân as they battle Ryan's Dad, the Ancient Briton Army, the White Dragon and even the North Wales Police! Could it possibly be true that Harri is really Merlin?

A wonderful, magical, mythical trilogy 153, 130 and 112 pages save £2.97

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"I'm dazzled by this story - the best story a boy could read." Milo

Highly recommended by the Tir na nOg Award.

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