Archimedes – What a guy!

The more I learn about Archimedes, the more I think what an incredible person he must have been. I’m working on new titles to add to my Mega Minds series, about amazing thinkers and inventors of Science, Technology and Maths STEM. It’s very hard to judge across the centuries who is the most amazing Mega-mind. Newton said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,” by which he meant that his predecessors had already worked out the principles upon which he could build new ideas. In time, Einstein would stand on Newton’s shoulders and so on. Archimedes had few shoulders to stand on, so he truly was an original thinker and his ideas and, more than that,  inventions were amazingly wide-ranging. I’m planning to add to my Mega-Minds series with other great STEM innovators. I remember spending a day in the science lab at a girl’s school. The walls were covered with posters of great scientists – all of them men. I was surprised. How were the girls’ to be inspired and feel that science was for them too, if there was not even a Marie Curie poster on the wall? I have a host of Mega-minds I’d like to write about and a good number of them are women, you’ll be pleased to hear but, for me, Archimedes has to be THE MAN!

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"Best drawing book on the market! I got a signed copy from Shoo! When reading it, it's like he is there teaching you in the room, clearly explained, and most of all Shoo makes you believe you can draw, it inspires confidence and motivation - brilliant book - I highly reccommend to everyone - Thanks Shoo!" Darren Andrews

If you can make a mark on a piece of paper... you can draw!
If you can write your name... you can draw

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Millions of people watch Shoo Rayner’s Drawing Tutorials on his award-winning YouTube channels.

In this book, Shoo shows you how, with a little practice, you can learn the basic shapes and techniques of drawing and soon be creating your own, fabulous works of art.

Signed with the name of your choice for yourself or as a perfect gift for someone you know. Supplied with a free Shoo Rayner poster.

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A book that is friendly to read – that pretty much sums up how the book felt to read. Mr. Rayner’s voice and personality are captured in this short but very useful book. I have been a frustrated at every attempt I tried to draw. This book felt like a friend was at my side to help. I only wished that it were longer. A great book for the beginner. Check out his YouTube channel and you will better understand.

This at first appears to be a really simple, small book but if you go through it step by step it really teaches amazing things about drawing! This book is very suitable for adults and children who are old enough to be serious about drawing. Very good!

His youtube videos are great too. I bought this basically to support him and to have something on kindle for on-the-go goodness.

Easy to read and helped me decide to try testing myself to find out if I have any art abilities as a new hobby.

This is a wonderful book. Shoo knows how to break the information down and simplify it so anyone can apply it and succeed. It’s also a delightful book, one every beginning artist should own.

Shoo Rayner is s really neat and positive person. One of the good ones that makes art fun. And gives in this book great inspiration to draw and just not taking ourselves too seriously.

This is ideal for children.

Great Foundational book

Great book if you’re a young artist, or if you would like to support a great YouTuber.

I liked the book because it was clear with simple examples. It is a bit cartoony, however I think it is still a good start for the beginner. He discusses shape form and perspective.

Really useful and easy book to learn from, enough to get you started in drawing. You also have the added benefit of watchings Shoos videos on youtube. Some books can get too in depth and complicated so i end up packing my art stuff away but now im doing these easy drawings and adding watercolour to make them better again.

make drawings more lifelike. A more advanced tutor volume eill be necessary once these skills are mastered, especially for faces. Follow the instructions for reasonably rapid progress.

I can draw! I can draw! I can draw! lol well I can now….

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