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I’m working on a new book about Sir Isaac Newton

I’m working on a new book about Sir Isaac Newton, the Seventeenth Century scientist and mathematician who propounded the laws of Gravity and motion as well as a host of other amazing things.

An illustration I made for Archie’s Math – an interactive math pop-up in Philadelphia

It’s a book for children of ten and up – including adults – who want to get a rough idea about his life without the complex mathematics!

I have a problem with maths myself – more about calculation really. I love the concepts , but can’t seem to get those little numbers to add up! Let me share a few insights with you in this video.

If you would like to help support me in my work, inspiring the scientists of tomorrow, please come over to and buy me a cup of coffee to keep me going!

How to draw furniture in 3D

One way to draw furniture in 3d is to imagine the box that it would fit inside. If you can draw a box, you can then start to work out the shape of the furniture and how to make it look real, 3D and place it on the floor!

How to draw Weather Map Symbol – Step by Step Instructions

In this video I show you how to draw a weather map symbol with thunder, lightning, rain and occasional sunshine. Laurence contacted me while we were having an unusual heatwave here in the UK, and suggested that drawing Weather Map Symbols might be a suitable subject.