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How to draw 2018 Real Easy Sans Serif

This version of 2018 is done in a “sans serif” type style, which means it has square corners and none of the fiddly bit you get with some letter shapes – a bit like Helvetica or Arial.

Try the previous version, which is in serif type style a bit like Times New Roman and the book style type faces.

How to draw 2018 Real Easy

Happy New Year! Maybe you need to make a banner or calendar to get the year off to a good start. Here is a video to show you how to write or draw 2018 in a fancy type style. This style is like Times New Roman – It is a serif style. Serifs are the little bits that flick at the ends of letters and numbers.

Just take your time and remember to press very gently;y on the pencil so it is easier to erase later.