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Drawing for kids and beginners

Draw along with me live!

Join me and learn to draw in a loose, watercolour and ink style. You will find links to materials used below. I will also be talking about drawing and illustration, answering your questions and helping out.

Use #shoobeedoodle to share on Twitter or instagram and I may show your work! My name for both is @shoorayner

You will have seen that last week I began doing storytime videos live for those stuck at home. Looking at my stats, I realise that people want me to do drawing more than stories and, as many other authors are doing story videos, that’s what I will do. so I’m changing to Drawing and illustration live, weekdays at 4:00p Uk time. That works out at New York 12:00 Vancouver 09:00Berlin 17:00Abu Dhabi 20:00 Mumbai 21:30 to give you an idea. Sorry about Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific and Asia, but you will be able to catch up later.

This will be a “not for kids show”, so we can have chat and I can answer your questions s we go along.

Don’t be alone during Lockdown come and join us on Lockdown Drawing and illustration Live!

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Author and illustrator Steve Antony will be with me tomorrow talking about drawing, writing and illustration see more here:

Lockdown Drawing & illustration Show Live!

So many authors are doing storytime videos and so many people are searching me for drawing, that I’ve decided to change my live shows to Drawing and illustration. first tomorrow Monday 23rd 4:00pm

These are not made for kids, so I can have chat, which makes for a much better live show. See you there.

How to draw a Carriage clock

Learn how to draw a Carriage Clock real easy with step by step instructions from Shoo Rayner, the author of Everyone Can Draw – the book that teaches you how to draw Real Easy!

See a whole load more how to draw videos here

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