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Solving Creative Block & Other Problems? Wednesday Drawing Show

What are your drawing hang-ups? What stops you drawing? What makes you never finish a drawing?

Creative block? Fear of drawing? Perfectionism? Anxiety? Procrastination?

So many questions! We all have hang-ups and worries about drawing and creativity. Watch this week’s Wednesday Drawing Show and maybe we can come up with some ideas to help you break the blockage.

Join me as I live-sketch the Joe Biden inauguration

See how I painted this on Patreon!

Join me as I live sketch the inauguration of President Biden.

For many different reasons it could be an historic day, and for those many reasons there could be many different things to sketch.

There will be no live chat. I will be watching the BBC coverage here in the UK, you won’t see that, but you will hear my live commentary as I draw what I see.

Sometimes you only get one or two seconds of footage to draw from – It will be fun. You can have your own live feed for the inauguration playing too, or watch it on bbc world news. if you can find it. ( ) That should be the same feed I get.

How to Draw a Glass of Milk – Easy Step-by-Step instructions

Learn how to Draw a Glass of Milk with this easy, step by step, spoken tutorial from award-winning illustrator, Shoo Rayner. You will need a pencil to sketch out the drawing, a pen to ink the drawing and an eraser to to rub out the pencil lines.

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00:00:00 introduction
00:00:13 Sketch in Pencil
00:01:37 Draw in Ink
00:05:17 Erase pencil lines and add finishing touches.