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How to Draw Popcorn Real Easy – Spoken Instructions

Learn to draw Popcorn real easy with this easy to follow, spoken tutorial video. Find all the hundred’s of DrawStuffRealEasy drawing videos on one page by clicking here.

Get Shoo’s Books here in the UKHere in the USA and – Here in Canada

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Book giveaway for reviews

Generation Moon is the first in a trilogy about the first kids in space, aimed to inspire future astronauts and inhabitants of the Moon.

I have 10 copies to give away to teachers and reviewers who have a particular interest in space exploration that they are keen to pass on to the children of today.

Let me know why you would like a copy of the book (with poster, postcard, sticker and woven mission badge) through the form on this page.

The Secret to Painting Pen & Ink Artwork Digitally

How do you digitally paint traditional pen and ink artwork?

That’s what No Chipmunks sort of asked me after last week’s video about scanning artwork for picture books –

The secret is to clean up your scan, as I showed last week, and then convert the artwork layer to Multiply. Then the black stays black and the white becomes magically transparent.

You can also use layers with opacity set right down to add shade over the top in a non destructive way.

Have fun! Any other problems let me know

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