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How to draw a sun lounger – easy step by step

We are expecting sunshine this week but if you are not or are in the depths of winter right now, learn to draw a sun lounger with easy, step by step instructions, and pretend it’s summer again!


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Draw Great Bodies with these Artist’s Mannequin Models

Do you want to improve your life-drawing but can’t get to a class or get anyone to pose for you?

Want to do life drawing in the privacy of your home or studio?

Then learn to draw human poses with these great modelling mannequins from Bandai which were sent to me by for review. I have not been paid and all views are my own.

Wooden mannequins are great for quick poses, but these Body Kun and Body Chan figures are much more real, pose-able and easier to understand and sketch for body shapes and posture.

In this video I unbox the two models of the S.H. Figuarts Gray DX Set – Kun means boy and Chan means girl in the Japanese honorific system. Then I show how to photograph/print/trace and create anime style artwork and finally show how to use as normal life drawing models to create your own style drawings and illustrations.

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Make Drawing and Sketching Easy with this Cool Drawing Tool

Drawing is a skill you can learn. You may need some talent to create Art, but drawing is a skill – and you already did a load of practice and learning about it when you were a kid!

Like learning the piano or a sport, you need to practice, but it can sometimes be hard to get started.

Make things easy on yourself by always having a sketchbook and pencil ready and make a window template like I show you how in this video. That way you only need to do mini-drawings – far less intimidating than having to fill the whole page!

Use the template for pattern practice, thumbnail sketches and story or idea plans. Click the image below to download the A6 Thumbnail Template