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How to Draw a Happy Acorn Easy Peasy for Kids

Oh my goodness, I have started a new channel on YouTube!

I need to split the drawings I do for younger children onto a different channel so I can make the videos slower and more easy to follow.

There are lots of how to draw channels for younger children, most of which place enormous Kawaii eyes on objects.

I don’t mind adding eyes, but I’d rather do it my way and be a bit different.

I’m having fun animating the crayons when it comes to colouring-in time!

It would so help me if you came and watched my new video – the whole way through – and subscribed!

It is hard work getting a channel off the ground and I could really do with a start jump! Thanks in anticipation.

Click the colouring sheet below to download and print. Share on Instagram with #draweasypeasy look forward to seeing it!

Draw MrBeast

MrBeast loves to give away money. Get something to draw with and follow along as I show you how to draw Mister Beast throwing money into the air!

How much money can you draw in the air around Mr Beast? Add it up and share your drawing on Instagram with the tag #drawstuffrealeasy

Got ideas for new drawing video? Send a message from the contact page. Please ask an adult to help if you are under 13.

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