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Where do babies come from? – Special Delivery – New book, not a kids book!

Let me read you my new book, Special delivery, which is now available on Amazon and as a special, numbered, 1st edition of 100, here on my website. ( If Amazon say it will take 2 months ignore that – they always say that with a new title.)

I realised that this is not a kid’s book when I tried to launch it on kickstarter. It looks like one, but the real audience are expectant parents, new parents and anyone who has had the joy and exhaustion of bringing up kids themselves.

How do you choose a baby in this online, digital world? On your iPad, of course! Penni and Benni are choosing their perfect, new baby. Thank goodness… help is at hand! Starting a brand new family is an adventure full of surprises!

Buy it here on Amazon UK

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From my website with poster, height-chart, signed and numbered while stocks last:

Take a peek inside my Norway Cruise Sketchbook

Take a sneek peek inside my sketchbook!

I recently went on a cruise to the Arctic circle to see the northern lights. Mrs Rayner and I were celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. I did a bit of random sketchbooking and thought you might like to see.

Sketchbook journals are 50% sketching and 50% memories and stories. Don’t get too hung up on your drawing skills – just draw to remember the good times and the interesting stuff!

With the recent changes on YouTube, I will be doing a lot more of this and a lot more sketch booking altogether. Let me know what you think and what you would like to see me work on.

How to Draw Movement

Drawing movement in people and characters is a problem many people have. Creating and drawing a character is one thing, making them come to life by adding movement is quite another. How do we do that? Watch the video and I’ll show you some of the ways and tell you what you need to do.

In my last video, I talked about wether you are the kind of artist/illustrator that needs movement in their illustrations. Some illustrators are more decorative and need a stillness in their work. It depends on who you are.

If you are like me, you will want movement both in the physical bodies and scenery as well as a kind of story development movement in the character interaction and emotion which comes from the way we read body language.

Humans are great at reading body language and physics! That means we understand what gravity does to a body, so we can infer movement from the stance the character takes up in relation to what gravity is trying to do to it. If the body looks like it should fall over, because it is leaning over, it either has momentum driving it forward, counteracting gravity, or it is leaning into the wind!

Take a look at all the examples I show in this video. Find out more about the book, Special Delivery here