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A Happy New Year Message to all my Wonderful Subscribers

It’s a new year and time to start afresh. I’ve been building to this point for about 11 years. I can now say I’m a full-time YouTube and this channel is my main focus in life, backed up by my Patreon page.

I have a new button on my revamped website where you contact me about drawing problems and upload images if you need. If I can help, I may just make you a drawing video!

I also have a new 360° camera which I’m hoping to put to all kinds of use with live sketching videos.

I’ll also be creating a new drawing book this year, my patrons will be able to follow the full progress as I reveal the work, chapter by chapter, page by page.

So make sure you are subscribed to this website and my channel on YouTube for lots more drawing videos – and let’s make 2022 an amazing year – 1 million subs? is that possible?

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