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Beat the Rabbit Holes! – Focus! Get to work!

Sunday begins the countdown to my Generation Moon Kickstarter Campaign.

I’m busy working on the artwork and trying not to get distracted. Signs up for launch notifications here:

Apart from there being so much to do, I can so easily fall down a rabbit hole while researching something that comes up randomly – even from a stray thought – I’m the kind of person who just has to know the answer!

So I’m being very firm with myself and focussing!

In this video I draw and paint Glenn and CJ the heroes of Generation Moon, as they relax for a moment and play each other at Star Fighter video games.

Follow the whole Generation Moon Playlist here:

Designing the cover for my new children’s book – Generation Moon

It’s time to think about the cover design for my new middle-grade space adventure trilogy – Generation Moon.

This is a first go at it to see what happens. Often, a first attempt looks terrible, so you try everything else. But, eventually, you tend to come back to the first idea.

In this video I show you how I adapt sketches to fit the idea and then begin to manipulate them in photoshop.

Of course, I completely changed my mind and started all over again, but you’ll have to see the next video for that!

Creating a Landscape Illustration for Children’s Books – The international Space School – Redesign

Following on from last videos version of my fantasy landscape for the International Space school in my upcoming books “GENERATION MOON” this is a completely revised design.

I went right back to my initial vision and simplified it, having decided that I could use a big, wide landscape on the title page that would provide the setting for the majority of the book right from the start. Also, there might not be a suitable double page to get it all in later on. Two birds with one stone.

I am much happier with this now, and can get on with the cover design now – see the next post!