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How To Create The President – Character Illustration Design

In this video I show you how I go about creating a character of the President of the United States for my children’s book trilogy, Generation Moon.

I explain my thinking and process. I’ve not got her character yet, in fact, as I was editing the video I had another idea for her. 

The story is set in a very near future where, I think, a younger, female president in a very likely choice. The current candidates surely can’t have too many miles left on the clock!

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How hard can it be to write a kid’s book?

A kid’s book? Really? It can’t be that hard, can it?

Well, not if you are an AI scammer who just wants to make a video about how easy it is to make a kid’s book.

And it is easy, if you just want to see your name on a book to add to your bucket list ot boost your ego.

But making a book for children that they might want to read and find interesting or exciting is quite a different thing. 

And illustrating a book does not mean just sticking the same bit of clip art on every page or asking midjourney to conjure up weird images of six fingered people. (Oh there’s an idea for a book!)

And actually selling a book! Well that really is a quite different thing. Most self- published books sell fewer than 10 copies!

Oh and then there are all the mental barriers we set up for ourselves…

Starship Flight Test

In case you didn’t know, Spacex are testing the full superheavy Starship integration today. Here is the live feed.

It turned into a no go and a change of status to “Wet Dress Rehearsal”