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How I Would Draw Piggy & Ralph from Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Ralph and Piggy are two main characters from William Golding’s Classic novel for older children – Lord of the Flies.

Linda, who supports me on Patreon, asked if I could show how I might illustrate the book, as she is a homeschooler and they are studying the book at home.

The video shows how I’d go about creating character sketches were I ever to be commissioned to illustrate the book.

I use Winsor and Newton Neutral Tint watercolour to create the greyscale effect that scans really well. You can get a hi res scan and ad are video when you support me on Patreon – here’s the page link

I’ll be doing more in this series so any comments, thoughts and ideas are very welcome.

The book of Lord of Flies by William Golding here in the UK here in the USA and here in Canada

Hello, Stranger!

wigtown book festival logo
Wigtown Book Festival

I am at the 2021 Wigtown Book Festival – in person – with real people!

I’m also visiting my first two schools in almost two years. That’s both scary and exciting.

I’m also drawing strangers, both those I’ve never met before and those who have become estranged through Covid – like the wonderful Bookshop Band, who I joined in their home studio to make a live broadcast last night.

The main tent is not there this year, but there is a big screen in the gardens, which seems to fascinate dogs, especially when they show short films about wild, cold-water swimming.

Here are some more.