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Drawing the Mazda MX5 with original Designer Tom Montano

Last Sunday, I went to the British Motor Museum where Mazda was celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the MX5 classic two-seater sports car.

Mazda had asked me and five other artists to come and do some life drawing!

They set up an original MX5 in the studio for us and Tom Montano, the man who did the original sketch of the MX5 came and talked to us about his thought process and philosophy behind the design.

Then we set to work. I ad decided that I was going to have my character Penni draped over the car – as she is falling in love with the idea of having something sporty for herself to drive!

Tom told some great stories which may well work thier way i to the plot of a Penni and Benni book later. Currently I’m setting up a kickstarter campaign to launch the first book in the new series.

I’m planning to do a how to draw the MX5 video – two different models – on ShooRaynerDrawing and on drawstuffrealeasy – so make sure you are subscribed on both channels.

Mrs Bee’s Year Fives draw amazing Spitfires

Mrs Bee tweeted photos of her year fives drawing Spitfires from my drawing videos on YouTube, and what wonderful drawings they are! Well done Year Five.

I’ve walked into classrooms and been met by a similar scene before: children watching my videos and drawing from them, the classroom a babel cacophony of my voice coming out of twenty or thirty tablets or laptops!

It’s is exactly what I hoped for my videos. So glad to see them being used this way!

Here is the video if you want to join in.

How to draw a Chinook Helicopter

Learn how to draw Chinook helicopter

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