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Mrs Bee’s Year Fives draw amazing Spitfires

Mrs Bee tweeted photos of her year fives drawing Spitfires from my drawing videos on YouTube, and what wonderful drawings they are! Well done Year Five.

I’ve walked into classrooms and been met by a similar scene before: children watching my videos and drawing from them, the classroom a babel cacophony of my voice coming out of twenty or thirty tablets or laptops!

It’s is exactly what I hoped for my videos. So glad to see them being used this way!

Here is the video if you want to join in.

How to draw a Chinook Helicopter

Learn how to draw Chinook helicopter

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How to draw a scooter

Learn how to draw a scooter real easy.

The pen I use is a rOtring Tikky Graphic.

You can get them here in the USA 
And here in the UK

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