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Review of the Neo TourBox photo and video editing console – a must-have accessory!

In this video, I review of the TourBox Editing Controller, a must have accessory for creatives and digital artists working with Photoshop, LightRoom, inDesign and any other app or program you can think of using on a desktop computer that Neo sent to me to try out.

It will also do the same amazing job with Serif Affinity Photo, Publisher and Designer too.

It’s possibly the best designer’s tool Swann Morton 10a scalpel blade!

Save $10 when you use the code RAYNER and buy it from this link: https://bit.ly/3Akx8YI
I get a referral fee that helps me keep my YouTube drawing channel going, but honestly, I love this thing and really do recommend it to speed up your work flow.

The TourBox organises all those keyboard shortcuts into one simple box.

Functions like scroll, increase/decrease brush size and rotate canvas angle are changed with easy to use knobs and scrollers.

The buttons can all be programmed to suit the exact way YOU use a program. There is a four keystroke function that I use in inDesign everyday that used to twist my fingers up, but now it is a simple one button click. With the Enter button next to it, I save so much time with my particular workflow.

I love it and whole heartedly recommend it to anyone using creative programs, or any programs for that matter – you can assign the TourBox to any open app.

Drawing · Illustration

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