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Meet Sue Hendra – Author of Supertato

Meet the wonderful Sue Hendra, who writes and illustrates the amazing Supertato books with her partner, Paul Linnet. I had the chance to ask her a few questions when were both working in Netley Marsh School on Empathy Day – 12th June.

We both had a great day telling stories to the children and talking about empathy and how to understand other points of view by reading books and inhabiting the characters

Get the hilarious book, Supertato here in the UK 

Here in the USA

And here in Canada


How I became an illustrator

Mandy wrote to me and asked: Please!!
Dear Mr Rayner, You are busy so I will be brief.
I am a mature student at Birmingham City University Yr 2. We have been asked to construct an artist profile.
I love your work and it relates to the project I am currently working on. I am currently working towards becoming a Children’s illustrator.
If you don’t have time I understand but I would be so grateful if you could answer some questions (or a couple of them).

1. What is your education background, were you self-taught as an artist or did you attend Uni?

2. If you attended uni did you find the transition from uni to having a working practice difficult?

3. Do you have an Agent? (why/why not)

4. Where do you work from ie, an agency, own studio/home and why?

5. What would you cite as the most important ways to promote yourself and your work?

6. Do you feel it is important to have a ‘style’? When did you find yours? Was it gradual or was that style apparent in your earlier work?

Thank you so much for your time. Any questions you could answer would be very much appreciated as I am a great fan of your work and it would give me a much better understanding of working practice. If you can send any reply I would be grateful. Thank you so much and I apologise for intruding on your time. Kind regards, Mandy

Watch the video and you will get all the answers!

Look inside Chris Mould’s Amazing Gothic Sketchbook

Gothic style children’s book illustrator, Chris Mould draws amazing things with a simple Bic Cristal Biro – a ball point pen.

In this video Chis talks and gives priceless advice about drawing and about being an artist and illustrator and lets us see more of his sketchbook.

Get the pens here: In the US and in the UK

See the previous videos with Chris where we discuss drawing here: and

Chris works at his studio in The Dean Clough Mills – an old Carpet Mill in the centre of Halifax that is now home to studios, galleries and many small businesses.

Chris has illustrated books for many authors. Websites and award winning illustrator, Shoo Rayner.