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A trip to the seaside at Brighton

Mrs Rayner and I went to Brighton this week. The idea was to go to the Lewes Bonfire – an extraordinary pagan fire festival – but, even with all my research, we were unable to get there and back as the train station was closed to keep hoards of visitors out of the town. If you want to know more about the Lewes Bonfire night see this video:

In the end we did some Christmas shopping and ate too much and watched the amazing murmurations of starlings that fly in overnight and swoop around the old, broken pier as they come in to roost for the night. We stopped at Wisley Gardens on the way home

Frogspawn Miracle in my Pond

I was so worried that all my frogs would have died but no! This morning I was greeted by a blob of fresh frogspawn so at least one frog made it through the cold snap.

I’ve since learned that it’s not just the cold that gets them, but the lack of oxygen as the water can’t mix with the air and plants aren’t photosynthesising. also dead leaves rotting on the bottom use up oxygen too.