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How to make children’s books – live chat with Vivian French

If you want to know how to write and illustrate children’s books, ask an expert – and Viv French is certainly the right person to ask!

She has written over 300 titles and is a best selling children’s author worldwide, as well as teaching the art of illustrating picture books at the Edinburgh College of Art.

In this live interview we chat about illustration and Viv, as a master storyteller, with many tales to tell, imparts tons of wisdom and advice.

Check her website at

See you next week at 4:00 pm Uk time. We go an hour forward this weekend so check the time.

First #shoobeedoodles

The first two #Shoobeedoodle posts from last friday’s video on my @shooraynerdrawing channel have been posted on instagram. They are from HumbleVoyager and cobaltclam – love that it’s drawn in the corner of a newspaper on crossword scratch space! It shows that you can draw on anything and shows that you don’t have to wait for the perfect moment to draw with pristine paper and perfect pen!

Why not share your #shoobeedoodle drawing – I’ll give you a heart and a follow!?

How to get really, really good at drawing – or anything else!

Edvard Munch – The Scream – How many times did he draw something to develop this final image?

I’ve been up to London a couple of times recently and saw the Munch and Manga exhibitions at the British Museum as well as their show of Rembrandt Drawing and etchings.

Something at the Munch exhibition made me think about the importance of practice and continual development and redevelopment of ideas, style and technique.

I thought I’d just talk it out to the camera in the hope of capturing some of what I was thinking. Maybe I need to do not everyday until I perfect the idea!