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Lunar Eclipse and thoughts in a 1000 year old Cathedral

In this video, I’m thinking about the Lunar Eclipse that covered North America on Monday 8th April 2024 and how that relates to the book I’m writing at the moment and children’s literature generally.

And I wrote a poem! First for years… why? what’s it about? you’ll have to watch to find out.

Babies, Kid’s Book Inspiration and Abba!

We took last week off for visiting, mostly to see my new granddaughter, who has got me thinking about how kids not only read books but inspire them with the things they do.

That seems to link with the book I’m listening to at the moment – Wise Animals: How Technology Has Made Us What We Are by Tom Chatfield

We also went to the Abba Voyage “Hologram” show in London, which was spectacular, but I was a bit distracted, trying to work out how they did it! – Let me explain how I think it works!

Are YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels Harmful to Mental Health?

The evidence is growing and becoming clearer that short-form video – Reels, YouTube Shorts and TikTok etc – are harming the mental health of children and rewiring growing minds in a way that I think will have dramatic consequences in a few years time.

I for one will not make and new short-form videos. Certainly not on my “Made For Kids” (MFK) channel  @drawstuffrealeasy  

I think it is time that YouTube removed the ability to post short-form video on MFK channels and remove all shorts from the YouTube Kids app. If they don’t do it voluntarily now, I’m sure that a jurisdiction somewhere will force their hand soon.

From my experience, having fallen down short-form rabbit holes for for lengthy periods of time myself, I’m convinced that this insidious form of media should be added to the dangerous substances list along with heroin and crack cocaine.

That also goes for Instagram Reels and TikTok etc.