Huion L4S LED USB Light Pad Review

I was asked to review the Huion L4S led usb light pad by the people at Huion, so I thought I would do that and show you some of my illustration techniques too.

A light pad is a great tool for tracing and redrawing. I use it for finished drawings. I do rough pencil sketches and then place a new sheet of paper over the top. Then I do the finished drawing on the new sheet. This helps with watercolour painting as you don’t need to erase pencil marks, which often roughens up the surface of the paper.

I was very happy to do this review as I though the Usb connection would be really useful. I think it’s great so many things are now using Usb for charging and connecting. I have not been paid to make this video and it contains my honest opinion.

The board is really slim and of a great quality build. The flat usb plug fits snugly in the side. The old type of power connector was prone to put a lot of pressure on the socket, weakening the connection. The cable is a flat too which makes for less pressure on the board connection too.

When you press the on switch at the top left, the board “comes alive” the light fades up and then fades down when you switch it off. That is very satisfying! You can also hold the button until you reach a level of brightness you are happy with. When you take your finger off, then it stays at that level.

It’s light and bright and well constructed. If you are looking to get a light pad, then I can happily recommend this one.

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