If you want to write – Get your pants on!

The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair – according to Mary Heaton Vorse (1874-1966). She knew it then and nothing has changed since.

THE hardest part of writing is actually sitting down at a desk and doing it. Writing requires self-discipline, determination and stamina. No one else can do it for you. Only you know what is going on inside your head.

Sitting down and getting on with it is what sorts out those who do and those who don’t. It’s a truth that applies to most things in life.

If you have something to write – a wedding speech, a recipe, a novel or a report – at some point you have to stop talking about it and moaning about it and sit down and do something about it.

Once you have sat down, there is no point getting up again. You will only have to sit right back down again to do the work!

Make the decision. Get all you need together in one place, then sit down and do the work!

Set yourself a target. Aim to finish the first paragraph or page or chapter, then always go a little bit further. You will feel so much better about yourself and feel you have achieved something if you excel your target. (Don’t make the target too easy – you’ll only be cheating yourself.)

I often meet people who would like to be writers. “Do it!” I say to them. “Yeah, but…” they reply and follow up with a million reasons why they can’t. I think what they actually mean is that they would like to be rich and famous, but you can never achieve that kind of status by wishing for it and not doing something about it.

Writing anything is about you and the words. The words will never get out of your head and onto the paper unless you get your writing pants on and stick them firmly onto the seat of your chair.

Go do it.