I’ve worked out what the Higgs Boson is!

How much are they spending at CERNE to discover what the Higgs Boson is? Millions? Billions?

What’s the Higgs Boson? Who knows, but they hope it is the final particle that puts everything together and makes sense of the Universe or Universes. Well, I think I can give them the answer they are looking for for free.

Scientists have really got their knickers in a twist recently. I used to be a bit of a fan of Richard Dawkins, he used to be a very interesting and thought-provoking scientist, but now he has little positive to say about anything – he so hates God, he seems unable to focus on anything else. In the process he’s developing his own, new religion – Dawkism. Does that make his followers Dawks?

It seems to me that each time science has defined a new indivisible unit, that unit soon gets split up into smaller, indivisible units that, in turn, split into even newer and smaller indivisible units.

If they find the Higgs Boson, we are told that we will at last know what happened the moment after the Big Bang, and so all will be revealed. But of course, all won’t be revealed, because what we all really want to know is what happened before the Big Bang. That’s the really inportant question – who or what caused the Big Bang?

Science relies on clever people understanding stuff. Their knowledge, gives them ideas which they then try to prove. That’s how science works. And that’s pretty much how religion and “belief in something greater than us” works two. Both pursuits have faith at their heart.

Scientists have faith that their ideas are correct and worth pursuing. They also have faith that they can work out methods of research and build the machines they need to prove their theories correct. Without faith there is no point starting out on any scientific project.

People of faith, have their own ideas. They dream up gods and rules for living and put their faith in them. Their ideas don’t always work and their gods often don’t save them. Analyse the faiths that have survived – the real faith part, not the temporal powerbases, and their rules all look pretty much the same – think of others, live a good life and be kind to children and animals while all the time praying – communicating with the greater power.

A scientist at thought, looks remarkably like a person of faith at prayer!

Science’s latest wheeze is the Multiverse – an infinite number of Universes, all existing at the same time, each with slightly different rules – an ultimate infinity. Great idea, but what we really want to know is what we always want to know – what happened before the Multiverse and who or what brought it into being? We all secretly know there is something bigger than infinity – there has to be someone or something holding infinity in their hands.

Everything breaks down to energy. We are built of energy. The greatest energy that drives humanity, that has created everything we are is faith.

The Higgs Boson is the energy we call Faith! Of course, they’ll never capture it or get it in a bottle to study. You have to believe to be able to do that.

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