How to paint a flat blue sky in Watercolour

How blue is the sky and how blue should you paint it? How can you make it look smooth and not grainy?

Blue watercolour is tricky to handle. Colour straight from the watercolour box never looks natural and is often gritty or grainy because the pigments don’t grind down as small as some other colours.

Beginners always find Blue hard to work with. In this video, I’ll show you how it’s not just the paint – the paper you use has a great effect on your finished picture.

Then there is the technique – if you want smooth flat areas of blue you need to take a bit of time and care. Let me show you how.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:17 Cartridge blue paint test
00:02:14 Langton Hot Press blue paint test
00:02:53 Langton Cold Press blue paint test
00:03:29 Bristol Board blue paint test
00:04:25 Close examination of pigments
00:05:51 Pigments or dyes?
00:08:31 How to paint smooth tints
00:19:31fade one colour into another
00:21:16 Layering for deeper colour
00:22:39 Cold Press mountain scene
00:25:58 Hot Press Mountain Scene
00:28:22 Conclusion

Seeing the light – and the shade – in the Drawing Clinic

Seven brilliant drawing ideas, answering your questions, on the wonderfully weekly Wednesday Drawing Show, hosted by Shoo.

Lots of questions answered this week about light and shade – wolves with flat noses, what do I do all day? And how do you draw bruises on someone who has been in a fight! Why do you need to know that!!!?

You will find the timeline broken into chapters that can be accessed at these time marker points.

00:00:00 introduction
00:00:20 Drawing Stick People
00:02:03 Drawing one object shading another object
00:02:35 Make models to create shadows for drawing
00:06:32 How to draw shade with two light sources
00:10:08 How to draw “realistic” cartoons
00:13:34 How to draw Bruises on a character
00:18:39 How to draw a Wolf face on
00:25:14 When did I start drawing?
00:26:44 What does a typical day for me?
00:28:02 Instructions for your questions

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How to murder your Wife:
What do I do all day?

New book – Cover Reveal!

My New Walker book will be out on the 23rd March.

Want to know what happened to the horrible Arlington Wherewithal?

It’s a mystery thriller, full of kidnap, blackmail, a police detective, with eyes like a husky & some extraordinary dogs led by the fearless Walker!

There are horrible bad guys, real danger, thrills and spills as well as funny bits to help you catch your breath!

If you haven’t read the first book do it now, so you know what’s happening!

Learn more about Walker from this video made for the Wigtown Book Festival during the first lockdown.