X Tweetdeck

There was a time I tweeted quite frequently.

I did it because I felt I had to – because everyone else did.

I used Tweetdeck, which made sense of twitter for me.

Now I have to pay for the privilege I don’t see the point.

All the people I would hope to influence seem to have stopped using twitter (sorry… X)

So, what is the point of being on twitter?

I am now an X-Twitter user – and I can’t think what would make me continue using it.

It now feels like whispering in an empty conference hall.

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We went to see Oppenheimer last week. After twenty minutes I decided that it was time to go to Specsavers and get my ears checked.

The character were mumbling and being drowned out by unnecessary music and special effect sounds.

I had to infer what was going on.

But no! it turns out that the movie’s director Christopher Nolan says the use of muffled dialogue in his movies is an “artistic choice”.

It seems that Nolan thinks we don’t need to hear what the actors are saying and that the original take is the “artistic” version so that’s what we get. No enunciation or retakes for clarity.

That’s like saying, “I know it doesn’t look like Snow White, but it’s what came out of my pen when I started illustrating. It’s okay, I love it and stuff the kids who are reading the book or watching the animation. It’s “Art”.

So, it seems my ears are okay and that Nolan is a self-righteous mumble mumble!