Pandora – How Curious Are You?

An ancient myth with a timeless message
Pandora is a fresh, new re-telling of the Ancient Greek myth of the first woman, created by Hephaestus. She didn’t do as she was told and let out all the evils the world had never known before.

My Pandora is set in an Ancient Greek landscape. Pandora is the most curious girl in the world – she wants to know about everything – just like most five and six year-olds!

The one thing she wants to know about, more than anything else, is the one thing she has been told to leave well alone – and she has been told a million times!

Of course that makes her even more curious. Plato, her cat, knows what curiosity did, but he can’t hold her back either.

Pandora learns a very important lesson – that it is nearly always best to mind your own business and do as you are told!

This is perfect advice for a five year old. Following advice will usually lead to to a quiet peaceful life. But sometimes, you just have to have to find out for yourself, no matter how often you are told otherwise. Who knows what forces we unknowingly unleash?

Curiosity is a wonderful thing, but so is wisdom. It seems you can’t gain wisdom without curiosity. The secret is to learn the lessons when they are presented to you.

The original story is a blatant, misogynistic, patriarchal parable, blaming all the ills of the world upon Woman. It essentially the same as Eve in the gGarden of Eden.

But what kind of a boring place was Earth without sin or pestilence, or all the other ills that were supposedly unleashed from Pandora’s box. I chose to see the story as Pandora unleashing the powers of creativity. Without sin there is no good. Without famine, there are no times of plenty. Pandora brought meaning and purpose to the world and wisdom too.

Pandora – a story for children

Below, you will find a video of the story and how to draw Pandora and the box. A drawing can be a front cover to a book or an illustration to a story that children can make or write themselves.

Where would they hide their box?

What warnings and myths would they surround and protect their box with?

What horrible thing would they keep locked up in their box and what would happen if it escaped?

Is there an antidote?

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