Praise for Euclid!

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My new Geometry series is picking up fans! And it is picking up praise too!On the day that the Higg’s Boson is announced it seems fitting that I’m doing a series that might just inspire someone into the world of geometry that is the foundation of maths and science, who may just one day come up with the unifying theory… you never know!

I’m so pleased that people are liking the series. It’s a lot of work and was a big risk – taking a new direction on the drawstuffrealeasy channel, but people seems to be enjoying it.
Don’t take my word for it – here are some of the fabulous comments:

My god, this Elucid thing is BRILLIANT! GrandStudable

I absolutely love these videos. I wish that someone would’ve explained geometry to me like this when I was in elementary school. MsPoptartMonster

You are amazing story teller! and artist!!!:) PROUD TO BE GREEK!!! 😀 mariamaraki2001

haha, I never ever have to go to school again (well I am a bit too old for school anyway). I can just watch these videos! ^^ this is truly splendid! Jullaan89

I’m 23 and I think these are adorable! Geometry was always one of my favorite subjects! llPixel

I wish you had given me geometry lessons in 4th grade! LOL 🙂 fandelesluthiers

“That is amazing” said Shoo Rayner’s friends…..but when is next episode coming asked Shoo Rayner’s friends genuinely impressed and wanted to watch more. 🙂 jarahatkeify

Is it odd that I’m a grown-up and I’m still excited to see the next episode Channel9001

The story’s and narration are brilliant!, I just can’t wait till the next, I’m learning very new and interesting things to me and I’m 43, we just never stop learning do we. iBassTurD

Thanks to everyone who is enjoying this series and making me want to carry on with vim, vigour and gusto! Click here to see the whole series