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Shoo Rayner is a long-established British children’s author and illustrator who has written and illustrated over 200 books and illustrated over 100 more for such great authors as Sir Michael Morpurgo, Michael Rosen and Rose Impey.

Shoo was an avid fan of the Apollo moon missions as a child, he even had a Nasa flight manual given to him by BBC TV’s Cliff Mitchelmore to follow the Apollo 11 mission.

Generation Moon is the first book in a space adventure trilogy for 8-12 year old boys and girls.

Shoo was sketching one day while listening to Fraser Cain’s Universe Today podcast Fraser was talking about the technicalities of the Artemis project when BANG! the whole plot was laid out in Shoo’s mind in glorious technicolor. Being a visual thinker this is how he has ideas

Shoo had actually decided to give up writing to concentrate on illustration. But the idea would not go away.

He began to write, to see what happened, and out it poured.

He talked to a couple of publishers. Publication dates would have been so far away, Artemis would have already landed humans on the moon!

So, Shoo has set up a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to launch the first book as a special, signed, numbered limited edition of 500 copies. It is due to launch at 5:00pm UK time 1st February 2023 and will finish on the 28th Feb also at 5:00pm. Both events will coincide with live broadcasts on YouTube.

Shoo has been printing and making books in one way or another since school days. He has published a few books and has gained a lot of experience. With these books, he is learning about marketing, determined to make this trilogy a success.

The story follows space-mad Glenn, who is invited to join the International Space School. There he teams up with CJ, a Chinese girl who is determined to become an astronaut and become the first kid in space. They work together to move into the Space Program, as Glenn is determined to become the first kid on the Moon.

The trilogy follows our two heroes as they try to make their ambitions come true.

Shoo is asking to raise £1800 to get the project off the ground, to cover manufacturing costs and to create a Generation Moon roadshow presentation to take to schools, libraries and festivals.

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