School and Library Visits

“…it was a brilliant day which the children and adults loved!”

I’m an author, storyteller, illustrator and YouTube creator.

I’ve written many series books like The Ginger Ninja    –    Viking Vik    –     Ricky Rocket    –    Axel Storm    –    Olympia 

Currently I’m working on a trilogy about the first kids in space. It came to me one day that the first people to live on the moon are sitting at primary school desks today – they are Generation Moon

My more recent trilogy is for upper primary – Dragon Gold – Dragon White & Dragon Red and new mystery series about Walker  – The boy who can speak to dogs.

There might well be kids in your classroom that become the first inhabitants of the Moon! So, I’m currently working on an Aretemis/Spacex inspired trilogy called Generation Moon about the first kids in space and on the moon.

My Youtube channels have gained over 400,000 subscribers and 63 million views for my how to draw videos – I love showing children how to draw characters from my books and curriculum themed drawings. Children often want to know about YouTube, as so many want to be youtubers too!

I’ve written and illustrated over two hundred books that span the ability and interest of primary school children and visited hundreds of schools and libraries at home and abroad, building a wealth of experience which I love to share.

Storytelling is my real passion – telling stories and drawing the pictures too – inspiring children to draw and to read for pleasure.

My preferred day starts with a 20 minute whole school introduction assembly, followed by three one hour story/illustration workshops. I choose one of my books to suit the children, talk about the book and its creation and perform it. I show the children how I draw the characters and show them how to draw it too – for drawing sessions, I can show children how to draw subjects for a curriculum theme you are working on – have pencils and paper ready!

I have visited a lot of schools, so I have learned to be very adaptable. If you have other ideas or a particular project you would like me to be involved in, please feel free contact me.

For a successful author visit to your school, call Shoo now on 07976 669334? or email from the contact form below

Why invite me?

  • You know my books and enjoy them.
  • You want inspiration to read, write and draw more.
  • You want your pupils to be really excited after my visit and your library borrowings to go up.
  • Your pupils have read or studied one
    or more of my books.
  • You want to give pupils an enjoyable,
    mind-broadening experience
  • I’ve a huge amount of experience with many different types of audience – children, students even business groups. You will find me fun, confident, adaptable, enthusiastic and very hard-working.

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