Shed or Studio?

It’s a pretty fine shed I’m building. I really should be calling it a studio. All the backbreaking time I’ve been digging and mixing concrete and laying blocks for the foundations, I’ve been thinking that I should be writing about this in my blog. Then I come in exhausted and don’t really feel like it.

Anyway, here I am. I haven’t done much serious building for eighteen months or so. I’ve managed to block out all the memories of building when we moved here. I worked like a maniac for the first two years. The shed/studio has reminded me of all the planning involved. My days then, were planned around the daily visit to Jewson’s the builder’s merchants, picking up and ordering stuff so that the building work could continue smoothly. I used to lie awake at nights running through jobs, estimating quantities in my head!

Now I’m planning when to hire the concrete mixer, will they have one available for Wednesday? The weather is supposed to get better then and I’ve got a certain amount of artwork to do first and the polystyrene insulation should have been delivered by then… see… I’m at it again!

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