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I have written and illustrated over 200 books for children in the primary/elementary age groups, and illustrated over 70 more for other authors, including Michael Morpurgo, Michael Rosen and Rose Impey. Many of the books I’ve written are series books. I try to make the writing easy for struggling readers, but with high story content, fun and excitement for more confident readers. and would be pleased to sign for you personally.

Below are the books I keep in Stock. Please remember to let me know whose name to add when I sign the book – Usually the first name of the person who the book is for.

The Ginger Ninja - Signed with free poster

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Ginger is a happy kitten. He likes all his school friends, loves playing pawball and even enjoys his lessons... Until Tiddles comes to Felix Street School!

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Yes, there's a new cat at school and he doesn't look friendly. When Tiddles joins the class, it's soon clear he may be the biggest bully the school has ever known...

This is probably my most popular book dealing with issues of bullying and friendship with a light touch.

It comes with a gorgeous, free poster and signed to the person of your choice. Usually the first name of the person you are giving it to - unless its for you, of course!

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