Millie and Bombassa

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Millie and Bombassa are my most borrowed books in British Libraries. I think that’s because they make great bedtime stories.
Bombassa is a grumpy young Rhinoceros. He would love to be able to spend all day in bed with a cup of tea and a tin of biscuits – Rich Tea biscuits please, they’re the best for dunking! Actually, Bombassa is a bit like me – I love to drink tea and dunk biscuits in bed while I read a good book – what could be a better past time?

Bombassa’s best friend is Mille. She is Bombassa’s opposite. Bright, chirpy always ready for action, she has endless patience, chivvying Bombassa along, making him do what needs to be done, even if he can think of a hundred reasons why he shouldn’t! Actually, Millie is quite like me when I get enthused about a new idea – so I suppose they represent two different sides to my character.

And then there is the fearsome Auntie Daz! She loves her favourite, but lazy nephew and she’s determined to make him do what she thinks best!

cover-dizzysmlDizzy DIY

Bombassa is a lazy but loveable rhino who would rather lie in bed all day, drinking tea and dunking biscuits. Millie is a sweet and sensible bird who want’s Bombassa to buck up his ideas. Together they make a great pair.

Yikes! Auntie Daz is coming for tea, but Bombassa’s only chair is very wobbly. It’s time for a bit of DIY – but soon the chair is wobblier than ever!

AirScareSml Air Scare

Sigh! Millie wants to go travelling and she’s full of ideas where to go. But Bombassa just wants to stay in bed – he’s not budging… not for all the tea in China! A funny, loveable pair in a classic story from Shoo Rayner.
Includes extra video drawing lesson, quiz and direct link to the author’s wonderful reading of this story on YouTube!