Have I mentioned SweetLittleBaby.Com? Some thing tells me that I haven’t.

I suppose it’s the beginning of a publishing adventure. It’s been a long,long time coming, but all the elements now seem to be in place and I happen to have the skills to get on with it.

Why Babies? Because I think they are fun and that whole period of babyness is so exciting. Babies are tiring, smelly, loud, and subject to many other fruity adjectives, but they are also great fun and endlessly absorbing.

And I think babies need apps too!

I’m not going to argue with people any more about how real books are better than e-books and apps. Apps are different from books and that’s a fact. I want to make sure that the e-books and apps that are available are really good and suitable. There won’t be advertising or inApp purchase opportunities. I don’t think young families want that and babies certainly don’t.

If you want to see what my app, SweetLittleBabyBoo! is all about, head over to SweetLittleBaby.Com and sign up for the newsletter. You will then be given the address of a live, online version of SweetLittleBabyBoo! that you can play with.

Enjoy – have fun!