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Hamworthy Library Opening – Poole, Dorset

Last time I visited Hamworthy Library it was squatting in the old school gym. and having to move the bookcases every night for the Judo Club, while the new one was being built.

Yesterday was the official opening of the new library and I’d been asked to come and read some stories. When I arrived, the place was crammed and buzzing. I’m sure the organisers were thrilled with the response. Wallace and Grommit were keeping everybody happy.

It was very noisy! I was between the facepainting and the bookmark making stands. Being lunchtime. my audience kept wandering off but quite a few returned too! We did some lovely Ricky Rocket drawings, and then I was interviewed by Maree Perkins, a journalism student who was filming and taking note of everything. She seemed very passionate about Journalism and we had a short chat about where it’s all going online. She’s very keen on preserving free online access to newspapers but, sadly, like everyone else, she had no idea how she was supposed to be paid for it! You can read her blog post about the day here.

Thanks everyone for an amazing opening day and good luck for the future.