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Drawing Professor McGonagall form Harry Potter as a Cat

In this video I draw and paint in watercolour, Minnie the cat pretending to be Professor Minerva McGonagal, head of Gryffindor House at Hogwarts School – from J K Rowling’s Harry Potter Saga.

This is part of my 100 Cats series, and was commissioned by Gill Ward in an online auction that was raising funds for the late children’s author, Tommy Dombavand, who sadly died earlier this year.

It is mostly painted in water colour and the final yellow and green were added with Dr Martin’s Radiant watercolours – Daffodil Yellow and Chartreuse Green.

Find out more about Tommy Donbavand here: https://www.youtube.com/user/tdonbavand

and at his website here: http://www.tommydonbavand.com
With award winning children’s author and illustrator, Shoo Rayner

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Cats love Scary Stories

Teeth-into-a-goodbook-scaredy-Cats-There are only four days to go in my KickStarter Campaign to make a new edition of the Scaredy Cats book. There are lots of reward levels available – one must surely suit you… and your cat.

The cat on your lap loves to have scary stories read to them – and this is the perfect collection of fantastic, feline fear!

Feel their claws dig in to you knees as you whisper the story of Frankatstein. Listen to the growls and whimpers as you recount the evil doings of Catula. Is there a cat in the world that doesn’t love to hear the creepy story of the Killer Cat Flap?

Treat yourself and your moggy or a cat-loving household you know. You might even enjoy the stories yourself!

Cat Mask added to Scaredy Cats

CatMasksmallScaredy Cats have gone past the first stretch goal target of £1000 on KickStarter and is now at £1180. I have sent artwork off to the printers so everyone will now get a cat mask as well.

Click here to check it out – There are still 8 days to go 🙂