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How to design your own amazing signature

This is my most popular video with over 3 million views! I made it because a couple of people had mentioned having difficulty with their signature.

As teenagers, my generation would cover school exercise books, and the back pages, with practice signatures – slowly forming our adult personas.

Maybe I was a bit self-obsessed, but I remember writing out my signature hundreds of times, slowly perfecting it, making it just a part of muscle memory. Girls, I knew, when they started going out with boys, might even practice a possible married name! (I think some boys even tried out what their new girlfriend’s name might look like conjoined with their surname.

The main message of this video is to just keep on practicing – a thousand times a day if necessary. Some complain that the advice is far too simple. some complain that it is impossible and demand I design their signature – even though I say, “Only you can design YOUR signature.”

Some thank me and say how brilliantly the advice worked. Some are so lazy, they can’t be bothered to watch the whole video, let alone practice a thousand times!

Interestingly, the major demographic for this video is the Indian Sub-Continent. I think that the signature has not been a major part of the culture before, but the internet and the introduction of western security systems, has seen the need to devise and practice signatures.

either way over 3 million views is oretty astonishing for such a niche subject!

Design your own amazing monogram

Any people tell me that their name is far too long and complicated for a decent signature. the answer is simple Use a monogram of your initials. As long as you answer to it in a court of law it can be your official signature.

Watch this video to get some ideas of how to put letters together to make a great monogram, then practice, practice, practice so that it becomes second nature to just dash off your new, amazing, personal monogram.

How to design your own amazing Monogram

design your own amazing monogramMany people tell me they have really difficult names from which to create interesting signatures. The answer is to turn your initials into a monogram. Is a quick, simple and elegant solution.

When you have designed your monogram, practice it over and over again, day after day until you can do it in your sleep. As you do, it will become smoother and more designery and your friends will be impressed – especially if you write it with a flourish!

Click the picture to download the images from the video to print out for yourself.

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