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How to draw a Ghost

Halloween is coming at the end of the month watch this video and learn how to draw a ghost!

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Look inside Chris Mould’s Amazing Gothic Sketchbook


Gothic style children’s book illustrator, Chris Mould draws amazing things with a simple Bic Cristal Biro – a ball point pen.

In this video Chis talks and gives priceless advice about drawing and about being an artist and illustrator and lets us see more of his sketchbook.

Get the pens here: In the US http://bit.ly/BicCristalUS and in the UK http://bit.ly/BicCristalUK

See the previous videos with Chris where we discuss drawing here: http://youtu.be/nFalwduQ-AY and http://youtu.be/B07T373T4yA

Chris works at his studio in The Dean Clough Mills – an old Carpet Mill in the centre of Halifax that is now home to studios, galleries and many small businesses.

Chris has illustrated books for many authors. Websites http://www.chrismouldink.com and http://chrismould.blogspot.co.ukwith award winning illustrator, Shoo Rayner.

46 Scary drawing ideas for halloween!


THE-PUMPKIN-MAN-F-COVYes! 46 drawing ideas for Halloween! everything from scary eyeballs to tombstones to Frankenstein’s monster!

Here are all the direct links!

Frankenstein Scar
Scary Hand
Tomb Stone
Eye Ball
Wolf in Biro
Skeletons with an empty biro
Creepy Castle
Frankenstein’s Monster
Devil Balloon
Spider Web
WereWolf 1
Scary Eyeball
Scary Lettering 1
Mummy Mask
Scary Writing 2
Candy Apple
Pumpkin Painting
Haunted House
Write in Blood!
Skeleton Tree
Magic Mushrooms
Cartoon Werewolf
Skeleton Hand
Vampire Bat
Pumpkin Head
Scary Skull
Draw the Pumpkin Man
Paint the Pumpkin Man
Werewolf 2
Witch on Broomstick
Witches Hat
Scary Writing 3
Flying Bat
Witches Broom
Angel of Death
The Grim Reaper
Halloween Lanterns
Dancing Skeleton
Happy Halloween